T-Trade Group (www.t-trade.it)

Founded in 2005, the T-Trade Group has made linerless technology its core business. The concern not only develops, manufactures and distributes linerless presses, but also consumption materials (heat transfer tapes, self-adhesive labels, RFID labels, linerless reels, and more), showing a singular aptitude for selecting raw materials and processing them on an industrial scale. Continue reading “T-Trade Group (www.t-trade.it)”

Hygienic transport, in style

In order to guarantee hygienic protection of the packaging for the entire length of the supply chain, WaveGrip offers WaveSafe, a flexible multi-pack carrier for cans, integrated with an additional coating of recyclable and photodegradable PE applied to the top, protecting it from any contamination due to involuntary contact with dirty surfaces, dust and debris in the air. Continue reading “Hygienic transport, in style”