Olfactory replicants of memories

Calvi, 1972. A summer stroll along the Ocean shore.
Santa Monica,1994. Wafts of creamy and captivating sweetness.
Paris, 2011. Flower market.
Florence, 2003. A lazy Sunday morning.
Oxfordshire, 1986. Promenade in the gardens.
Brooklyn, 2013. Evening at the Jazz Club.
Six fragrances (and relative packaging) designed to evoke the most intense memories: this the contemporary vintage of Margiela.
The perfumes of the Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica collection have been conceived to capture thoughts and emotions; created by perfumier Jaques Cavallier, they have been devised to instantly evoke memories, images and impressions experienced by most of us, like the Lazy Sunday Morning, that with its chord of white musk smells of clean washing and linen sheets, or like the Promenade in the Garden, a flowery perfume inspired by a stroll in the gardens or again Jazz Club, the first of the series dedicated to Man, a cocktail of rum, vetiver and tobacco leaves.

The fragrances are sealed in a flacon shaped like the laboratory vials of yesterday’s pharmacists, and are accompanied by a cotton label, bearing the where/how/when of the fragrance: all the technical and poetic information needed to best savour the atmosphere trapped in the bottle.
The same indications also appear on the cardboard case, which also bears a photograph, a snapshot of a particular instance, that which determines the story behind every perfume.
The Replica projects also encompasses the #smellslikememories exhibition, a collection of photographic works of artists from all around the world, that have put their own sensorial and olfactory memories down on film and that now continues on a digital platform replicafragrances.tumblr.com.

For anyone wishing to join in, the organizers’ are desperately seeking olfactory (and photographic) memories.