T-Trade Group (www.t-trade.it)

Founded in 2005, the T-Trade Group has made linerless technology its core business. The concern not only develops, manufactures and distributes linerless presses, but also consumption materials (heat transfer tapes, self-adhesive labels, RFID labels, linerless reels, and more), showing a singular aptitude for selecting raw materials and processing them on an industrial scale.
As explains Enrico Friziero, the group’s CEO, «We’re showing at Ipack-Mat this year because we believe that our product range is perfectly in line with the spirit of this show coordinated with Ipack-Ima. The T-Trade Group has worked for years in the world of linerless, and I can say with no false modesty that today it’s a unique operator on the world stage, to put it lightly. Our offer, which includes linerless presses for industry and retail (serving these sectors with the Omega Bilance brand, Editor’s note), as well as everything to do with consumables, has no equals in terms of innovation and quality».
And something more, we can add, given the operator’s decision nine years ago to undertake research and development in the world of linerless, which has been rewarded with eight international patents. This decision was motivated by a desire to put in practice specific sustainability and environmental principles. Fiziero explains: «After much effort, our philosophy has finally won over the global market, which has matured and developed a sensitivity toward sustainable innovation. Our solutions respond to what, in our opinion, constitutes the “label of tomorrow”, with a drastically reduced use of paper or its replacement, in a logic of recyclability. All this at equal or lower costs than the current standards».
At Ipack-Mat, the T-Trade Group will present major innovations in hardware and consumables, which the executive only hints at: «Together with an important retail customer of ours, we have developed a solution that will put to rest the many debates surrounding shopper bags, whose compostability has thus far been complicated by the presence of a difficult-to-remove paper label…». To find out more, we’ll have to await the official launch at the fair.