Invisible and floor-mounted RFID

Among the trends expressed by the Retail sector there is the need to have non-invasive security systems available to be installed at strategic points in the sales areas. Checkpoint Systems (from source to shopper solution provider) offers the new UF-1 RFID floor antenna.
In addition to ensuring a wide range, the UF-1 system based on a patented RFID reading technology, enables the exploitation of the power of RFID data to improve inventory management.
The UF-1 antenna is suitable for different types of stores, including shopping centers where the use of traditional EAS antennas at the entrances is limited, or big stores, which require large entrances free of any obstacle.
The use of Checkpoint Systems’ patented Wirama RadarTM technology allows the new floor RFID solution to identify the passage of a product label/tag via the antenna, both inside and outside the store or near the entrance. It is also possible to determine whether an item is simply near the exit or if it is potentially prone theft, thus minimizing false alarms.