A good game lasts a long time (so too the box)

Playing for  Quercetti family started out as a passion, then became a profession  and soon  developed into a fine skill. It all started out in 1947 with a motorized horse that at a gallop…

Alessando Quercetti began his experience as designer and builder of toys at Inco Giochi, a small Turinese concern.
His first creation, Galoppa, a horse with rider that really gallops, was such a success that it enabled him to turn his passion into a company, Quercetti, that soon became a famous name in the Italian toy industry.

In 1953 Alessandro created and patented in Italy the most representative product of the brand, a re-edition of an old French game, the famous “pegs”. This simple game, optimized in its construction and aesthetics, soon became a  worldwide success, a true and proper cult, still played today by children all around the globe.

Quercetti, that  in conceiving and designing toys, always chose to give absolute priority to the end user, the child, enjoyed many other successes.
The game  indeed is not only seen as a pastime, but as an important tool that aids growth, building an open and elastic mind, helping the child to make decisions; it is an object with such a strong educative potential that it always demands great attention and study.

Quercetti_POLI_internoNaturally, in the philosophy of this company, packaging too covers a fundamental role. Starting from last year, for all its new references, Quercetti has in fact innovated the packs both inside and outside.
The inside of the box is made in recycled cardboard and the packs have been made to be functional while offering minimum bulk, the pieces are assembled logically and coherently in a compact space and the descriptive sheet (a classic instruction manual) has been replaced with a “user guide” in the form of a poster, made in special water resistant paper.
The graphics have also changed and white has been adopted as the basic color on all packs, to make the name and the characteristics of the product stand out.

Every line, what is more, features a band in the Italian colors bearing the wording “Made in Italy” to highlight the pride of being one of the few toy producing companies still capable of creating everything  in the  “Bel Paese”.