Award-winning sky-blue

After a disastrous world cup, we need to console ourselves, for example with a good plate of pasta. Voiello reclads and wins awards and wins over palates.

Voiello, one of the oldest and most famous Italian brands, has always offered a broad choice of pasta formats made with the best grain and following the rules of tradition. Of late though, the image has been hard put to render merit to the premiumness of the products, hence making a project rebranding necessary, this in order to reiterate the brand’s leadership in the high segment of the market.

The task was assigned to the FutureBrand consultancy company that, abovealll working on the graphics, the logo, the color and the shape of the window, has revamped the packaging system of the entire Voiello range.

Spaghetti_FRONTE_webThe new packaging is part of a broader communication plan that, using different platforms, has been devised to best diffuse all the values of the brand.

«Working on a brand that harks back to 1897 gave us the opportunity of exploring the visual codes of that time and study the original Voiello packs» Chiara Pomati, Creative Director of FutureBrand explains. «Indeed those visual codes, so rich in personality, were a main source of inspiration for our creative work».

The result is a simple but all the same refined design, that draws on the history of Voiello and turns it into a synonym for quality, playing on both elements of the past as well as contemporary ones. Voiello speaks by way of its pack and speaks about its pasta with direct, immediate phrases that highlight the pluspoints of the product, reassuring the consumer and reiterating its own savoir faire. The Voiello project won the first prize in the NC awards “Brand Identity” category assigned last May.

Pasta fans are duly thankful.