Full-fledged sports drink

Acque Minerali d’Italia and PET Engineering continue to work together following the success of the Norda Exclusive project for the HO.RE.CA. sector. PET Engineering has been put in charge of the restyling of the bottle for Sangemini Sport (65 cl).

Project objective: to make a clear and distinctive vehicle for the produt’s peculiar positioning, no longer to be considered an ordinary mineral water, but rather as a full-fledged sports drink, bringing it in line with the brand’s new look, which has been updated to better reflect the compan’s corporate image.

In order to ensure immediate recognizability by the target consumer – in this case atheletes and more generally anyone who exercizes – the packaging developed by PET Engineering takes its inspiration from the robust and compact shape of the canteens used by cyclists and marathon runners.

The reclosable anti-drip valve cap, squeezable grip and carbon look milling that recalls the material used to build sporting bikes confers a markedly technical feel to Sangemini Sport’s new look, perfectly representing the image of the official water of Giro d’Italia 2017.

Carlo Pessina, CEO of Acque Minerali d’Italia Group, expresses his satisfaction with the project’s results.

«Packaging is an increasingly important element in the marketing of mineral water and beverages generally, especially when it identifies a specific target consumer, expressing the close relationship between product functionality and consumption behavior. That’s why for the Sangemini Sport 65 cl. We wanted an innovative packaging with a strong personality, able to represent the product’s identity and valorize its positioning on the market».