Organic for all

Energade BIO, San Benedetto Organic Bio, Thè Verde BIO with ginger and Goji berry infusion and San Benedetto Baby Bio are the new additions to San Benedetto’s offer of organic beverages. Carefully selected raw materials and strict protocols throughout the supply chain guarantee the attention to quality in these products, which are offered in practical formats.

The_Verde_Bio-min-PICCOLAIn particular, Energade BIO represents an unprecedented novelty in the world of sport drinks. With no artificial coloring or preservatives, it is available in a practical 0.5 l format in the flavors lemon-lime with aloe and red berries with goji berry. The range’s packaging has been restyled in order to convey greater dynamicity and highlight one of the advantages of the product, namely that these are natural mineral water products that refresh while also restoring the minerals one’s body loses during any physical activity.

As for the ice teas, San Benedetto has added to the slim personal 0.4 l bottle a new 0.65 l family format.

Finally, the packaging for San Benedetto Baby Bio (an organic line for children featuring 30% fruit pulp) offers fun new graphics. The little blue protagonists of the Sony Pictures film “Smurfs: The Lost Village” smile at the young user from 0.25 l bottles, a strong message for small children, who will delight themselves with the pull & push closure as they drink.