Disposal of special waste costs less with Evergreen

After eliminating formaldehyde from its water-based formulations, the Renner Italia paint manufacturer has undertaken another interesting environmental initiative by packaging its Aquaris branded products into innovative Evergreen tins, thus dramatically reducing special waste disposal (packaging dirtied with paint, in fact, is considered as special waste and must be disposed of as such).

Evergreen is a tinplate internally covered with a high density polyethylene sheet, a highly durable material that adheres perfectly to the body and bottom of the container.
Once the paint or varnish in the tin has been used up, the polyethylene sheet dirtied with paint is removed and disposed of, making the metal part of the packaging recyclable as such. And since the dirty PE sheet weighs just over a tenth of a tinplate can, disposal costs are reduced by 85%. (renneritalia.com/evergreen)