Make the invisible visible

Nuceria Group has been involved in the restyling project of the Petti tomato puree line, with the aim of transmitting to the final consumer the excellence of an Italian product and the values that have always distinguished the timehonored food preserve company: the quality of selected raw materials, attention to“green”issues, variety of supply and care in the packaging.
These “intangible” assets have hence been best interpreted by Nuceria, focusing on the maximum transparency of a personalized bottle and a  “no label look” label to show the product in its entirety (“the tomato is at the center” as the claim on the pack aptly states). Without concealing anything, Petti has managed to build a close relationship of trust with the consumer, a receiver of clear and effective communication, which minimizes the risks of erroneous interpretations.

Thanks to the choice of the no label look and the presence of special laminates that make the packaging elegant and attractive, the product has naturally gained a premium positioning.
Lastly, to be underlined  the effectiveness in the packaging phase, in particular the speed of labeling and reduction of machine stops, as well as the savings on production costs and the benefits of recyclability and efficiency resulting from the use of the PET liner as a replacement for silicon paper.