More life, less waste

Developed by ILIP (ILPA Group), Life+ is a packaging system consisting in an r-PET tub, active pads and specific permeability film top, designed to enhance the shelf life of berries, grapes and cherry tomatoes while preserving the product’s organoleptic properties unchanged. Representing a significant contribution to the fight against food waste, Life+ is based on perforation mediated EMAP (equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging) technology, which involves various elements. First of all, the laser perforated films: thanks to gas and selective permeability, they enable obtaining a desirable gas composition inside the packaging, controlling the fruit’s natural metabolism for extended freshness. The active pad, for its part, releases natural substances (flavonoids and fruit acids) that reduce the amount of microflora that cause rotting and alterations. Finally, a latest generation ILIP non-perforated heatsealable tub maintains the gas equilibrium and performs anti-fogging.