The spirit of the times in 4 boxes, or rather 5

The third edition of the “Box in Box” collection by Leonhard Kurz (for which Luxoro is exclusive representative for Italy), that  simply and playfully shows decoration and print solutions,  capable of creating modern effects for an attractive and seductive packaging: four boxes nested into one another, represent four popular trends and as a surprise, a last box illustrates a fifth trend. They conjure up the appeal and charm of natural phenomena, closed in the “the Art of Life” box, traversed by iridescent light reflections;  induced by microstructure stamping and holographic design playing in different colors, amplifying the playfully tactile charm. The printing of the lines on the flat, in relief and in bas relief turns the box into a unique sensorial experience.
And it is again nature that is the source of inspiration of “I-Skin”, featuring a light and delicate surface, featuring a perfectly symmetrical and softly pulsating form.