Thermal luxury

Searching for packaging capable or ensuring thermal protection for the take-away icrecream pralines and, at the same time, customisable so as to obtain an iconic and refined pack, Gelaterie Milanesi encountered the Italian company Isonova that, for the occasion, fielded the right  technological expertise and a good dose of creativity.
Isolam Box – the self assembly thermal box from Isonova’s Laminil range – indeed offered the ideal solution for the needs of the brand, among other things winning a Best Food Packaging Award during the recent Luxury Packaging Awards 2017 contest.As well as keeping immediately purchased icecream at a temperature of -12°, the packaging also offers an inner shelf, so as to separate the 2 layers of pralines, as well as with an upper wedge for a single layer of pralines.
The concept created by designer Giulia Rosa Valenti shows a linear, up-to-the-minute graphics, capable of valorising the quality of the hand-crafted product.
The thermal boxes are light and reach the shops flat (cut but not assembled), so as to reduce the taking up of storage space, and are assembled in just a few moves when needed.