Kimbo Moka Line: more info on the pack

Italians coffee experts? This may not be entirely the case, as emerges from a research promoted by Kimbo* on Italian consumers with insights into the packaging of the various coffee brands. The study is in fact gives a glimpse of a segment dominated by a certain staticity and excessive uniformity in language, which does not provide clear information about the product and its organoleptic characteristics.

In order to bridge this gap, Kimbo has revamped the graphic design of its 9 blends in the various formats available, with the aim of providing the customer with more detailed information, helping them navigate among the many available blends and find the one closest to their tastes and preferences. The new project, devised in collaboration with the Goodmind design agency – Pininfarina Group, also includes some advice on how to enjoy coffee, serve it and store it.

* Research carried out  by Gfk on a panel of 110 consumers in Milan, Padua, Rome and Naples.