Story of Sulapac® and of sustainable luxury

The roots of Sulapac® innovation can be found in the Finnish forest. The founders of Sulapac, Suvi Haimi (PhD) and Laura Kyllönen (PhD), wanted to develop a beautiful and ecological cosmetic packaging material to reduce the plastic waste.
Sulapac® material is based on wood and natural adhesive, which makes it biodegradable.
It can also be mass-produced using methods and facilities that now make plastic (injection molding, extrusion and blow molding techniques), and it can make the cut for almost any kind of packaging.
Versatile and eco-compatible, it offers unlimited design possibilities, as well as providing excellent barrier properties to moisture, oils and oxygen.A sustainable luxury concentrate that has convinced the Niki Newd® brand, which has already used it to pack the soap contained in an exclusive travel set.