Almaverde Bio frozen foods now in compostable bioplastic

For the first time in Italy, Fruttagel proposes a “revolutionary” packaging for the full range of Almaverde Bio organic frozen vegetables, in line with the needs of consumers, who increasingly prefer compostable and environmentally friendly bioplastic packaging.
The new biodegradable packaging bears the Ok Compost logo under UNI EN 13432: 2002, on the basis of certification released by the European body Vincotte, which documents both the entire packaging production chain – from the granule producer to the printer – as well as Fruttagel for the packaging phase.

The graphics of the new Fruttagel packaging highlight a clear reference to nature and and feature an image-icon created to communicate the pouch’s compostability to the consumer: after using the frozen product, the packaging should be disposed of as domestic organic waste or as industrial compost on a collective level.
The full range of Fruttagel organic frozen foods in the Almaverde Bio brand 450 gr pack will be available on the market as of December 2017.

* Fruttagel is a Cooperative Company from Alfonsine (RA), the leader in the integrated production and processing of organic fruit and vegetables, the founding partner of Consorzio Almaverde Bio and brand licensor for the production of frozen vegetables, tomato pulp and puree, nectars and fruit drinks as well as vegetable drinks.