Grifal SpA (

Grifal is a high tech business that has operated for 50 years in the protective packaging market, offering qualified consulting for the development and design of tailored solutions.
Soon to be listed on the stock exchange, this firm is recognized as one of the major players on the market thanks to the competencies it has accrued and its capacity for innovating and developing sustainable industrial products and processes. The company’s plans for the near term include opening new production sites in Italy and abroad, joining the one in Cologno al Serio, outside Bergamo, as well as capitalization in order to invest in its growth an internationalization, while still maintaining firm control of its holdings. At Ipack-Mat, it will illustrate, in particular, the exceptional performance of cArtù®, a high thickness corrugated cardboard that is flexible and very green, consuming less paper. This product can be used to replace plastic packaging interiors (like expanded polyurethane and polystyrene) and produce 100% paper impact-resistant containers. With corrugate measuring up to 20 mm and 50% more corrugation than traditional corrugated cardboard, cArtù® is more resistant to compression. It saves approximately 60% of the paper needed for the same volume using conventional board. Finally, since unlike corrugated cardboard, it can be produced using colored and printed paper with higher weights than would otherwise be possible, this product offers a wide range of possible applications.