Kissabel: red interior

Telling a completely new and unique story: that of a traditional fruit on the outside but that hides a sensational red pulp with an exceptional flavor. This was the task performed by RobilantAssociati, the branding and strategic design company, which worked on the strategy and positioning of the Kissabel apple brand, the result of natural crossings of wild red pulp and traditional apples, completely GMO-free.
With a clearer corporate identity and a naming recordable all over the world, the Kissabel brand summarizes the value and character of genuineness and naturalness.
The logo and the house style represent an explosion of nature, a real kaleidoscope of emotions, sensations and tastes, capable of involving, seducing and surprising. And the payoff “I’m red inside” communicates the warmth of true passion.

Kissabel, the new brand of red pulp apple launched by Ifored (International Consortium which brings  together 14 of the leading apple producers from 5 continents).