FLASH-PACK (www.flashpack.org)

Founded in Vanzaghello (MI) in 1993, FLASH-PACK consolidated its position on the Italian and international markets over the next 25 years, producing a wide range of heatshrink wrappers, palletizers, bundlers and skinpack machines for products of various types and sizes.

With an offer spanning from automatic to semi-automatic and manual machines, the concern offers versatile solutions for long, medium and short runs, as well as tabletop solutions.
«We decided to show at Ipack-Mat in order to expand our business and establish relations with new customers and distributors» explains the owner Dario Pinciroli. «For any concerns with a need to create safe, protective packaging using skinpack technology, we offer high quality machines that are easy to clean and perfectly in line with the hygienic standards of food packaging».
«In terms of design – Pinciroli continues – all our solutions are compact, ergonomic and user-friendly, making them accessible even to non-specialist users. At the fair we will focus on SKINBOLL®, a manually and semi-automatic -operated tabletop packaging machine, patented in 2010 and already a hit on the market. It is one of our flagship solutions, and one of which we are especially proud».

SKINBOLL® features unprecedented design features and innovative functionalities that make it possible to make thermoforms of any object with no need for moulds, with a standard work table (A4). The suction system, featuring a stainless steel nozzle, offers the advantage of producing packaging using any type of material as a base layer (bubble wrap, cardboard, paper, etc.). The compact structure enables working with standard A4 formats, but also by substituting the frame with the A5 format one. Moreover, since the oven only consumes electricity when activated, SKINBOLL® guarantees significant savings on operating costs.