Packly Srl (

The perfect partner for converters, graphic operators, communication agencies and brand owners, Packly Srl offers the possibility of creating personalized, high quality packaging with ease and at low cost.

As Giuseppe Prioriello (founder and CEO of the Campochiaro, CB, company) explains: «We operate in the sector of web-to-print services. Our online application Packly is revolutionizing the world of paper packaging design and printing by making it possible to create tailored packaging in real time with no minimum order limit. Since we cater to an international multi-target market, we believe that Ipack-Mat represents the perfect exhibition space for presenting an innovative solution like ours to the sector’s professional operators».
For the fair, the company has planned «to launch new models of die-cut templates, to be added to those already online. However – Prioriello adds – we are also working to put out new advanced functionalities for sharing virtual 3D models on the web».

What Packly is and how it works. Packly is a complete solution for creating and downloading custom die layouts, visualizing 3D box models with graphics applied in real time and printing personalized boxes in 48 hrs, with no order minimum. The application offers a number of professional tools for running the entire paper packaging design process online without having to install any additional software.
The automatic dieline generator creates the professional technical file in real time according to the input measurements entered. The 3D modeler displays an interactive online preview of the product with artwork applied. The printing service enables the user to buy personalized products with high quality printing and no minimum order limit. The innovative real-time 3D modelling service gives the user complete control over the final graphic result.
All it takes to visualize a 3D, 360° model of one’s very own personalized box is to upload the dielines and graphics. The model can then be presented to customers for their evaluation and final approval.