60 Engineering Srl – (www.60e.it)

Based in Treviso, 60 Engineering Srl has the exclusive rights over the international manufacture and production of PIRO® pallet, that can be made in galvanized, or stainless steel or aluminium, subject to an international patent registered in 92 countries.

«The solution is composed of 4 profiles that, assembled with a few simple gestures and without special equipment, make for an extremely robust and high performance metal pallet – explains Roberto Pisano, inventor of PIRO® and also president of the company: «Since 1998 I have been working in the field of logistics solutions and on the planning of metal pallets. The idea of PIRO® arises, therefore, from experience gained in the field, which pushed me to seek answers to the critical issues raised by traditional palletisation systems in terms of safety, hygiene, management and costs. Ipack-Mat seems to us the appropriate window to propose a solution that focuses on innovation in terms of concept, design and materials, as well as offering us the possibility of making its commercial potential known to an international public and to potential distributors».

The advantage of an advanced logistics solution
. With PIRO®, the four modules are combined in different configurations, enabling various solutions: two-way or four-way, reversible, with joint plane, palletized cage, or simple support pallets. Separate profiles (customizable by size and type of pallet), allow the assembly of pallets only when needed, facilitating storage and transport, thanks to the reduced size of the disassembled parts. While maintaining a 110 mm fork clearance, the actual height of the pieces (129 mm) is significantly lower than other similar products. Moreover, thanks to a patented design, our product its lighter (12-14 kg) than for example EUR-EPAL wooden pallets (25-26 kg) with the same capacity (1,500 kg): it is therefore evident that, saving on the weight of the tare, a greater quantity of goods can be transported at the same cost.
Another plus of PIRO® lies in the choice of metal in producing the profiles: it is fireproof in compliance with current international regulations on fire fighting (which translates into insurance bonuses), but it is also hygienic and easily washable for quick re-use, as well as being exempt from fumigation and documentation obligations provided for by the international directive. Unlike other pallets, subjected to climatic stress, PIRO® does not suffer thermal shock, expansion, contraction, cracking, cracking, breaking or chipping; moreover, it does not absorb humidity, maintaining a constant weight, and does not release residual dust and particles due to wear or rubbing.
Finally, we remind you that steel and aluminium are recyclable materials in a continuous cycle: PIRO®, in addition to being robust and safe, is therefore also more sustainable, eliminating disposal costs, it recovers value at the end of its lifecycle.