Desert Disidratanti Srl

The core business of Desert Disidratanti is industrial packaging: It in fact offers complete, simple and effective solutions to send and store products in total safety, avoiding potential damage caused by humidity.

«We have been operating on the Italian and European market for the past ten years, but this year we have chosen to exhibit at Ipack-Mat to also consolidate our presence outside Europe», says Rebecca Pantaleoni, Sales Manager of the Pianezza (TO) based company, which interprets the event as a vital moment of encounter with customers and collaborators, but also with potential retailers and suppliers. «Our proposal – states the manager – is addressed to the packaging industry, particularly when associated with transport by sea. The sectors most affected are: industrial productions (mechanical components, etc.), automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, accessories such as shoes, bags, clothing, etc… Wherever there is need of protection against humidity, Desert’s desiccant products are the solution. Therefore the preservation of private goods can not be excluded». At Ipack-Mat, Desert Dehydraters intends to focus on three innovative solutions, as Pantaleoni recalls: «Starting with Desert Gel, a 125 g desiccant bag specifically designed for sea shipments in containers, we also offer multi-fold triple barrier laminate rolls with an opening up to 10 m, to end with the Transport Data Logger, a Bosch-certified device. The latter, in particular, is a tool that enables fundamental parameters such as temperature, humidity, shock and inclinations to be kept under control. All in a simple and transparent way».

Desert Gel combats the rapid formation of condensation, quickly absorbing moisture, preventing accumulation and harmful effects. The innovation lies in the reduction in size and weight, as well as in the greater ability to contain the humidity inside (the content is a mix of calcium chloride and a particular natural thickener). It can be supplied in single bags or strips with a tape for hanging them or with double-sided adhesive tape to glue them on pallets or other surfaces.