Sappi Seal: is a really special paper

Sappi launches the second generation of a certified FSC or PEFC paper for flexible packaging with improved sealing characteristics.

Designed to replace heat-sealed plastic laminates with materials containing a higher percentage of renewable raw materials, Sappi Seal is a white single-layer virgin fibre paper (weight 67 g/m2), with a dispersion layer on the back that guarantees good results during heat sealing.
It has been developed to be used in the converting of standard flexible packaging in the food and non-food sectors, both primary packaging (bags) and secondary packaging (flowpacks for confectionery, games for children or do-it-yourself equipment). In addition to the extraordinary heat-sealing capacity and the moisture barrier guarantee, this new special paper can be recycled as paper.
In the development phase, Sappi has paid particular attention to ease of use: Sappi Seal can indeed be opened without uncontrolled tearing.
Thanks to the homogeneous and bright surface it offers good printability and can be worked with all the available techniques. The natural appearance and the pleasant sensation to the touch contribute to creating a particularly strong brand identity.