Envelope Project: beyond the label

Designed to give new impetus to innovation in the packaging label field the Envelope Project is  born out of the passion and expertise of Eurostampa and the strategic partners of Innovation LABels (Avery Dennison, Sun Chemical, Luxoro for Kurz, HP, Heidelberg and Esko). Thanks also to the involvement and the already established cooperation with the University of the Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo (brainchild of Eurostampa and Pollenza university the Laboratory of Creativity has been operational since 2012, Ed.), students were called upon to create graphic sketches for the production of labels. Inspired by Feuerbach’s phrase “We are what we eat” (cit., 1862), this year young people were invited to think about “We are what …” being free to conclude the phrase as they see fit, while bearing reference to the eno-gastronomic field in which they move and of which they have a multidisciplinary knowledge as well as to  the values and products on which Eurostampa’s work is based.
The end result is a sample of labels, with a strong ethical and aesthetic impact: innovative and personalized solutions, a sure inspiration for brand owners who, working in context  profoundly changed compared to the past, recognize that the label now no longer just has a commercial function, but a truly social role. Emblematic on this point the talk given by Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food International and of University of Pollenzo, which enrich the reflection with new values: «… Labels must inform. And sometimes they can even educate or train. A good label can change the world, make it better, favour the less protected, bring citizens to make more informed choices».
During the presentation of the projects – which took place in Monte Carlo on 3 October in the Salle de Presse of the Grimaldi Forum of Luxe Pack 2017 – Jana Kokrhanek, Luxoro’s CEO also intervened: «We had the opportunity to be protagonists of a project to innovate and empower packaging in the food & beverage sector.
Our mission is to be able to give the final customer the emotions that conjure up the deepest essence of the product».
In the photos, a selection of projects.