Stories in bottles

6 short tales covering 6 historic events or icons of the past in “Stories in a Bottle” of the Nuceria Group. A label format editorial project, that reveals itself in a narration made of words, colors and very special effects. APP included.

Marilyn Monroe, Sir Winston Churchill, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Revolution, Prohibition and the English spy represent the concept of champagne, beer, wine and vodka labels; icons that turn into symbols for an editorial project devised to show special label printing and finishing techniques up to the augmented reality applications.  And it is indeed in an App, devised and created by Nuceria, that the novelty of the project lies: “recognizing” the bottle, it activates different levels of augmented reality, involving the user in a new purchasing experience.
The changes that digital technology has witnessed and is still witnessing over these years impose a serious reflection on the mode of interaction with the users of the same. And if up to only a few years ago digital could be considered the prerogative of but a few, today it is a pervasive reality that touches on all fields of knowledge, the economy and our way of running an enterprise not to mention education.
In other terms, the border between digital support and reality has got ever thinner. It is along this fine border line that augmented reality is positioned, that entails the overlapping, within the same visual field, of two informative layers, one real and the other virtual.
The integration of the two, done via a device, enables the obtainment of a greater “layer” of information and enables a better interaction with the surrounding environment.
«Stories in a Bottle is more than a marketing operation. Over the years we have understood that each and every bottle “preserves” something special: the story of the product and the producer» Guido Iannone, General Manager of Nuceria Group explains. «Thus the label becomes the incipit of this story, a window on a narrative universe ready to be “drunk” at  first sight. Indeed, behind a great label there is always a great story, and it is that story we wish to help tell».

SET UP IN 1986, NUCERIA GROUP  Is today a multiplant industrial concern of European standing, producer of integrated packaging (labels, cases, flexible packaging and printed consumables). It offers its customers the experience of a team of over 300 people to achieve solutions suited for all applications and for all kinds of substrate, aboveall green and sustainable.