Dual-purpose on-the-go bottle

The award-winning London-based design company Black + Blum has launched a reusable water bottle on Kickstarter that features an attractive and functional design. Eau Good Duo combines sustainability with food safety, an essential goal for an increasing number of on-the-go consumers who care about taste but also about the environmental impact of one-time use bottles, by using TritanTM copolyester made by the US-based Eastman.
Made with no BPA or BPS, the material guarantees a long life cycle and neutral taste. Furthermore, it features the perfect mix of rigidity and flexibility, enabling the agency to design a creative and secure system for attaching a Binchotan active coal filter inside the bottle, which removes impurities and softens the water, while at the same time enriching it with minerals.

Almaverde Bio frozen foods now in compostable bioplastic

For the first time in Italy, Fruttagel proposes a “revolutionary” packaging for the full range of Almaverde Bio organic frozen vegetables, in line with the needs of consumers, who increasingly prefer compostable and environmentally friendly bioplastic packaging.
The new biodegradable packaging bears the Ok Compost logo under UNI EN 13432: 2002, on the basis of certification released by the European body Vincotte, which documents both the entire packaging production chain – from the granule producer to the printer – as well as Fruttagel for the packaging phase.

The graphics of the new Fruttagel packaging highlight a clear reference to nature and and feature an image-icon created to communicate the pouch’s compostability to the consumer: after using the frozen product, the packaging should be disposed of as domestic organic waste or as industrial compost on a collective level.
The full range of Fruttagel organic frozen foods in the Almaverde Bio brand 450 gr pack will be available on the market as of December 2017.

* Fruttagel is a Cooperative Company from Alfonsine (RA), the leader in the integrated production and processing of organic fruit and vegetables, the founding partner of Consorzio Almaverde Bio and brand licensor for the production of frozen vegetables, tomato pulp and puree, nectars and fruit drinks as well as vegetable drinks.

A glass bottle at km 0

Produced at the O-I plant in San Polo di Piave (TV), the bottle made for the prosecco lines by Vigna Dogarina (that produces near the glassworks) is a project at km 0 in the Prosecco area.
The complete restyling of the bottle is part of the plan of integration and revival of the Treviso winery, which aims to differentiate not only for the quality of the product but also in the packaging.

O-I has therefore created a personalized bottle to enhance the brand’s premium positioning: lighter, more elegant and slimmer than the previous model, embellished with a logo engraved on the neck of the container it will be used for the  entire line of proseccho to facilitate recognition of the brand, entrusting the label with the task of identifying the various wines.