Eating with the eyes (of children)
Enrolment starts 22 December 2017 for Re:create Packaging 2018, international competition organised every two years since 2012 by Stora Enso, global supplier of  renewable materials and solutions for packaging (cellulose paste, paper and board).
Following the “Taste is Visual” brief, students and professionals are invited to design packaging for children’s food, well knowing the that the gastronomic preferences of youngsters are influenced by presentation and the capacity to make the product experience a playful, fun event.
How to join (you are also provided with a full kit in high grade paper and board for exploring ideas and creating models), information on cash prizes and times at the website

Instructions for participating in the contest Best Packaging 2018
, with a chance at winning a packaging Oscar, are now online. The theme of the 61st edition is technical and technological innovation, in partnership with Ipack-Ima 2018. Applicants can register by 30 November.


Rilegno, the Italian national consortium for the recovery and recycling of wood packaging, celebrates the 20th anniversary of its inception with the photography contest “#rilegnophotocontest – il legno tra storia e innovazione”, with a strong focus on sustainability. After registering, participants can publish up to five photos on the website between 28 August and 6 October 2017.