“I love you Italy”

We have to stop pitying ourselves, moaning the whole time, underrating Italy’s wonders.
We are a strange people, combining genius with rulelessness, artfulness and skill, and amidst all the beauty that surrounds us. We are Italians, we are made that way.

Let’s look sharp and open our eyes, we are in a recession and it won’t be over quickly, but one of our best qualities is our ability to reinvent ourselves.
Up with our heads, out with our pride, “I love you Italy”… it’s even written on the pack.

A fine declaration of love that expressed by Collistar with a capsule collection designed by Antonio Marras and featuring nuances inspired by Italy and its symbolic places; one only needs cities like Venice, Milan, Verona, Rome and Syracuse to suggest the palette of reds, shades, glosses and earths.

At a graphic level, the lead thread that unites the entire project is the typical sign of the Sardinian designer, this time in the shape of the silhouette of a woman’s face, elegant, essential, poetic and that seems to be inspired on the timeless profiles of the great Modigliani.collistar_bazzani12_web

Interesting the seamless  integration between design (the woman’s eye) and brand, Collistar’s “c” symbol that, along with the use of ruby red – Marras’ signature color – to paint the woman’s mouth, represents the solid but discreet union between two brands that epitomize the beauty of Made in Italy.