Containers for liquid with reduced environmental impact

Developed for Dow AgroSciences liquid crop protection formulations  thanks to their features the tanks developed by RPC Promens Industrial and RPC Promens Innocan guarantee improved logistics and reduced environmental impact.

The 10 and 15-liter bespoke PET containers feature a safety top specifically designed for storage and stacking, and eliminates the need for an outer cardboard case.

The square design ensures high strength, durability, as well as improved handling for the end user: The centered neck of 63 mm is compatible with closed transfer systems and allows easy pouring, while bore seal safety caps (to be separated when recycling) dramatically reduce operator exposure to the concentrated product.

Lighter than about 30% of the HDPE cans used so far, they provide a further and significant benefit: The optimization of the  pallet load and subsequent transport by truck that, along with weight reduction, leads to a  20% carbon footprint reduction per litre throughout the entire life cycle of the container.