Beauty world: Premi “wears” Frankie Morello

The iconic men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing brand Frankie Morello has chosen Premi (a packaging company in the fragrance, skin care, make-up, and home fragrance sectors, with headquarter in Gessate, MI) for the development of its first line of fragrances and body care products.
From the collaboration a collection was born, distinguished by bottles with original geometric shapes that are inspired by travel, a recurring and important topic for the Neapolitan brand.
The line consists of three different sizes: 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. They are all decorated with a shaded varnish, characterized by a unique soft-touch cap and embellished with a ring on which the brand logo is embossed.
The project was carried out entirely by Premi Studio, an internal Premi division dedicated to the development of custom projects, from the creation phase of the primary pack to that of the secondary pack.

Bold and tasteful

Gustav dill vodka by the Finnish distillery Lignell & Piispanen took the podium at the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) in London. Conceived by Finnish designer Jaani Vaahtera, the heavy bottle reflects the pure essence of a spirit with an original and perfect taste. In line with a high-end product, the box had to ensure maximum protection and resistance in addition to excellent printability: goal guaranteed (and achieved) by the Kotkamills papermill, that devised a thick cardboard (basis weight of 450 g/m2, 800 micron thick) that could be called light cardboard for its category, in that it protects the bottle effectively while weighing less and providing a much better performance than the alternatives in laminated corrugated.

A luxury topliner for corrugated board

Sappi expands its container board product range and with Fusion Uncoated, offering a fully bleached fresh fibre uncoated liner in the corrugated board market. Its ideal applications include corrugated board and carton packaging, requiring a high white appearance for the topliner, inner liner and fluting.
Fusion Uncoated is approved for direct food contact and is recommended for use when branded product manufacturers, designers and corrugated board processors are seeking an alternative to brown liner papers. These applications include inner packaging such as white corrugated board inserts for high-end perfume boxes as well as food packaging.
These often-unprinted cartons present a luxury surface finish thanks to their high level of whiteness. Other application’s include display and shelf-ready packaging, for which uncoated paper finishes are often the preferred option.

Marking fruits and vegetables

D+E GmbH has technically enhanced a natural method to mark produce without the use of chemical additives, packaging material, or stickers. The new fully-automatic EcoMark NB 3002 laser machine removes only the pigments of the outer peel (image) without affecting food quality or taste. Natural branding is a response to more stringent organic food regulations. The NB 3002 increases productivity through automation. It marks single products or entire boxes. Labelling times are possible in as little as 0.3 seconds per logo. The new user-friendly software allows a different product setting to be configured with just a few clicks. Marking takes place “on the fly” without stopping. The NB 3002 can be integrated into existing operations to achieve substantial time savings.

Story of Sulapac® and of sustainable luxury

The roots of Sulapac® innovation can be found in the Finnish forest. The founders of Sulapac, Suvi Haimi (PhD) and Laura Kyllönen (PhD), wanted to develop a beautiful and ecological cosmetic packaging material to reduce the plastic waste.
Sulapac® material is based on wood and natural adhesive, which makes it biodegradable.
It can also be mass-produced using methods and facilities that now make plastic (injection molding, extrusion and blow molding techniques), and it can make the cut for almost any kind of packaging.
Versatile and eco-compatible, it offers unlimited design possibilities, as well as providing excellent barrier properties to moisture, oils and oxygen.A sustainable luxury concentrate that has convinced the Niki Newd® brand, which has already used it to pack the soap contained in an exclusive travel set.

Glass design

Now in its 14th edition, this year’s Bruni Glass Design Award (previously Progetto Millennio) is a biennial design contest for new glass containers for food products (bottles and jars using mechanical hollow glass technology) among the students of several European schools of design.
Of the 261 models presented over the course of the contest’s history (which thereby earn a place among the Bruni Glass product range), 60 have gone on to be produced at an industrial scale, generating 270 articles with various capacities, colors and closures.

Best in show, 1st Prize in category “spirits” and Best Graphic Design Skyskaper (Stefano Morazzoni, Politecnico di Milano): the bottle reproduces the image of a skyscraper, resulting in a striking image for the high impact demands of the spirits market.

1st Prize in category “wine”
Lisianthus (Carlotta Antonietti, Politecnico di Milano). The light and elegant shape of this design is inspired by the eponymous flower. Transparent beauty for sparkling wines.

1st Prize in category “olive oil and vinegar”
Jazz (Annika Rauch, University of Münster, D). The shape of the handle enables hanging the bottle as well as easier pouring. The doubling shape creates a stylized heart.

1st Prize in category “jars”
Sweety (Fabrizio Guarrasi, Politecnico di Milano). Sumptuous, surprising lines characterize the design of this jar for candies.

The spirit of the times in 4 boxes, or rather 5

The third edition of the “Box in Box” collection by Leonhard Kurz (for which Luxoro is exclusive representative for Italy), that  simply and playfully shows decoration and print solutions,  capable of creating modern effects for an attractive and seductive packaging: four boxes nested into one another, represent four popular trends and as a surprise, a last box illustrates a fifth trend. They conjure up the appeal and charm of natural phenomena, closed in the “the Art of Life” box, traversed by iridescent light reflections;  induced by microstructure stamping and holographic design playing in different colors, amplifying the playfully tactile charm. The printing of the lines on the flat, in relief and in bas relief turns the box into a unique sensorial experience.
And it is again nature that is the source of inspiration of “I-Skin”, featuring a light and delicate surface, featuring a perfectly symmetrical and softly pulsating form.

Green energy on display

Lucaprint is justifiably among finalists of the 21st European Carton Excellence Award (organized by ProCarton and Ecma) with a packaging solution designed for an Ursus brand technical item, namely a bicycle handlebar.
Great impact at the point of sale due to appealing shape and graphics: the case that covers the box can be used as a lid holder to create a showcase in the true sense of the word. When placed in stores in this way, customers perceive it as a valuable product.

The fully-carbon and black-coloured handlebar placed inside the box on a bright green background attracts considerable customer attention. The double wall structure gives stiffness to the large solid board packaging. Single gluing is enough for a large and complex structure with several compartments.
The Lucaprint Technical Office has paid attention to the structural design by working on a BillerudKorsnäs cardboard, while Albertdesign defined the graphics.

Shiny or satin with Zanpack touch

Variable chromatic effects obtained by contrasting heat-enhanced laminate on a rough, natural and coated surface: taking advantage of the Zanpack touch carton features developed by the German manufacturer Zanders, the perfume packaging made by the zinnobergruen agency in Düsseldorf guarantees a Attractive presentation and entry right between the “200 Best” reported by Lürzer’s Archive.