Snacks in a compostable pack

The German brand myCHIPSBOX chooses a new concept flexible packaging, made by Futamura, in cooperation with the packaging producer Bio4Pack.
The pack is compostable, and consists of NatureFlex film made from renewable and responsibly sourced wood pulp, which is then printed and laminated to a layer of metallised PLA. The bio-based, compostable and plastic-free pack offers an environmentally responsible packaging choice with outstanding barrier properties to moisture, gases and mineral oils.

Sustainable like cardboard, functional like PET

Developed by Carton Pack Srl, Cartonpet Tray is an eco-sustainable alternative to conventional PET containers for fruits, vegetables and fresh-cut foods. The tray is manufactured using an innovative material with a very low specific weight, resulting in packaging that weighs up to 50% less than normal PET. The functional and mechanical characteristics of the Cartonpet Tray are equal to those of PET containers. Made of 80% recycled material, the new packaging material is as eco-friendly as containers made of paper or cardboard. The bubbles in the material’s core enhance the cardboard-like colour. The material has a remarkably smooth surface to facilitate vivid graphic reproduction.

One by one from a cardboard dispenser

Awarded by the German Packaging Institute, the “One Up” packaging concept by rlc | packaging group makes specific industry products stand out at the POS. Through a simple up and down movement of the inner carton, the product (including button-shaped chocolates and hard candy, as well as for lozenges and tablets sold in the pharmaceutical/OTC sector) pops up one by one.
Simple and hygienic, One Up is manufactured from 100% renewable materials. Both the outer shell and inner section containing the product are made of cardboard. Despite an elaborate appearance, the interior construction is injection molded from fiber-based, food-safe, PaperFoam and is biodegradable. Along with a unique user experience, the single-material packaging guarantees eco-sustainable

More life, less waste

Developed by ILIP (ILPA Group), Life+ is a packaging system consisting in an r-PET tub, active pads and specific permeability film top, designed to enhance the shelf life of berries, grapes and cherry tomatoes while preserving the product’s organoleptic properties unchanged. Representing a significant contribution to the fight against food waste, Life+ is based on perforation mediated EMAP (equilibrium modified atmosphere packaging) technology, which involves various elements. First of all, the laser perforated films: thanks to gas and selective permeability, they enable obtaining a desirable gas composition inside the packaging, controlling the fruit’s natural metabolism for extended freshness. The active pad, for its part, releases natural substances (flavonoids and fruit acids) that reduce the amount of microflora that cause rotting and alterations. Finally, a latest generation ILIP non-perforated heatsealable tub maintains the gas equilibrium and performs anti-fogging.

Less waste and more security with Mondi soluble film

Mondi’s Technical Films Business has developed a soluble film, designed for packaging and intelligent (and cost-effective) dosing of personal and home care products. Dissolving completely even in cold water, it is perfect for making single doses of powder and granular detergents, as well as tabs for washing in a dishwasher or washing machine.

Thanks to the excellent weldability and seal properties, the film provides an effective barrier to oxygen and ensures consumers against the risk of accidental contact with the product. Considered biodegradable and non-toxic, it facilitates the reduction of packaging waste.