Organic soft drinks

Bolstered by the history that has always associated the brand to its best known drinks, Recoaro presents the great return to large retail of some of the most appreciated flavors of all times, with the absolute novelty of the organic.

Tradition takes on a modern cladding, through the recovery of original recipes and the use of extracts in line with the latest consumption trends. Exclusively selected organic ingredients and also suitable for a vegan diet, fruit 100% of Italian origin and the use of only natural mineral water make the three new references unique: Chinotto, lemonade with ginger extract and orange juice with bergamot extract express all the freshness and aromas of Mediterranean citrus fruit. The especially devised 800 cl bottle already underlines its green footprint at first sight: the personalized design gives a strong identity thanks to the decisive colors and the bio lettering in low relief, while the transparent label immediately communicates all the qualities and characteristics of the drink, emblematic in representing the brand’s will to enhance the genuineness of the product.