Action!: Roughs and Rouges

Young fashion promises “clad” the official make-up collection of the Venice Film Show amidst the red carpet, photocalls and première nights.

ciack_laguna_01Lagune Extase is the limited edition by L’Oréal Paris – for the sixth time sponsor and official make-up provider of the Venice Film Show – dedicated to the 2013 edition of the event. A collection of lipsticks, mascaras and nail varnishes with packaging signed by four emerging and gifted fashion designers, chosen for the occasion by Vogue Italia.


Angelos Bratis, Barbara Casasola, Marta Ferri and Stella Jean hence got the task of interpreting four looks inspired by the main engagements of stars at the Film Show and “clad” the make-up flacons with design roughs of their unique and exclusive creations.
For the “Red Carpet”, Barbara Casasola thought up a contemporary and sensual siren’s look to be worn with bright red lipstick and white fingernails.
For the “Première Night” in turn, Angelo Bratis proposed a lunar woman, elegant, almost ethereal, contrasting with the sunny and merry image of Stella Jean – whose style, extremely personal, reflects her Creole heredity – proffered in the look devised for the “Social Party”.


Lastly, fashion designer Marta Ferri interpreted the “Photocall” – a moment the stars dedicate to the photographers – with great freshness and just a pinch of romanticism.

The small illustrated bottles speak for themselves: attractive fashion parade souvenirs, they are 3D miniatures that tell the dream of fashion and it was amazing to see how the sinuous figures drawn by the four fashion designers actually came to life on the catwalk.

A further reason for collecting these unique packaging items. Should you still be able to find one.