Taghleef Industries SpA

With a complete offer of packaging solutions, Taghleef Industries responds to the new market demands: attention to recyclability (circular economy), food protection (for example barriers against mineral oils and more) and sustainability.
taghleef_NATIVIA-NTSS_Paper2As Mario Molinaro, BU flexible packaging Director Ti Europe, explains: «The Ipack-Ima fair and the IPACK-MAT show represent a major meeting point for the national and international packaging sector, fostering the encounter of producers, converters, end users and retailers with hot button issues on which Taghleef Industries has long been working already, offering special high performance BoPP and BoPLA films for flexible packaging, labels, industrial applications and graphic arts». Its global presence makes it possible for TI to respond to domestic and international market demand, working to strengthen its partnerships with converters in order to provide quality products to end users and retailers with a watchful eye on consumer safety.
What are the most significant new products? Molinaro responds: «We have expanded our range of EXTENDO® high barrier products, which extends shelf life by protecting foods against mineral oils – with benefits to logistics and distribution – while preserving their aroma».
We will also be presenting NATIVIA® white expanded film, also made using bioplastics derived from renewable sources (polylactic acid), safeguarding the environment and offering more options at the end of the life cycle.  Finally, we will offer our films with enhanced seal integrity, making them ideal for accurately preserving food products».

Aliplast SpA

ALIPLAST_pariThe Veneto-based concern has decided to double its presence at the fair. In addition to the traditional stand at Ipack-Ima, they have decided to also add a station at Ipack-Mat, considering that event’s vocation for innovation. Aliplast will focus on service innovation, showcasing not so much new products as a now tested business formula,
which beyond supplying packaging materials, also makes the customer a potential supplier by buying the waste materials generated by their packaging at the end of its life cycle. Innovation consistent with the new corporate structure of the company.

Since 1982, the company, which is based in Opedaletto di Istrana (TV), has been producing heatshrink PE film and rigid PET film for thermoforming, using material which it recycles in-house, often collecting and selecting the waste byproducts of other packaging producers.
In 2017, the acquisition by HERA Group was finalized: 80% owned by the HERAmbiente Group, Aliplast represents the distinctive element in the industrial waste treatment offer, which is in line with the principles of the economy circular. An element that allows to offer reliable and integrated solutions, able to complete and close the virtual circle of sustainability: from the withdrawal and treatment of plastic waste deriving from production waste and scrap, up to regeneration of new products. Aliplast believes that showing its own products – especially how it  obtain sthem and the environmental savings this guarantees – in an area reserved for innovation can inspire potential users to adopt the circular economy model, which is the new frontier for packaging producers. With its products destined for the European market, Aliplast supplies PE film to the construction/building industry as well as producers of canned and bottled products; the rigid PET film, on the other hand, is aimed at producers of tubs and blisters in both food and non-food.

Imel Srl

The IMEL company makes custom and personalized belt guide solutions based on a patented innovative adjustable guide system called IM.
The concern’s IM adjustable unwinders, built entirely using FDA-certified materials, find countless applications in the world of packaging, responding to even the most disparate requirements of the food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering sectors and more.
«We are counting on IPACK-MAT in order to present our new product to an audience of qualified operators, especially Italian and international OEMs making packaging machines for pharma and food» relates Antonio Bettolini, Imel’s technical director.Indeed, in its deliberate pursuit of the optimal formula for satisfying the needs of installation on new and existing machines, the company has developed a new product concept, created in order to facilitate the development of machinery for the production of materials in reels.
«By exploiting the performance of the IM adjustable guide system, it is possible to integrate in a single component adjustment of the section used with rotary or static unwinding rollers, ensuring accurate positioning of the material».

G. Brambilla Srl

This company has been producing and selling packaging accessories and industrial applications, converting and luggage since 1927. As Alessia Brambilla explained to us, her company signed a deal in 2016 for the exclusive distribution in Italy for Item

Products (NPD), a UK-based specialist in design and production of a unique range of industrial packaging components: standard handles and those for heavy loads; Interlocks (connecting clips for attaching two or more sheets of material) and POS (display hooks and rivets).
«Ipack-Mat 2018 struck us as the right occasion for presenting not only our product range but also new and innovative solutions, because we consider it one of the most important events in Italy dedicated to the packaging sector, where we will have the best chance of properly conveying the utility and functionality of our solutions to prospective customers».
The solutions developed by G. Brambilla straddle various industrial sectors since each product can be used interchangeably for the food sector, but also pharmaceuticals and fashion/luxury. There are many novelties in the range «however – Alessia Brambilla explains –  for this occasion we wish to place the emphasis on the Interlock line of accessories (see photo): latest generation clips featuring a unique, patented design that can be used on heavy packaging, assembled, closed and where desired, re-opened from outside without need of tools».