Elopak SpA (www.elopak.com/it)

A historic company with a global reach in the packaging and filling industry for fresh and aseptic liquids, Elopak will be at Ipack-Mat with some solutions of sure impact and perfectly in line with the trends of an evolving market that favors, in addition to quality, differentiation and sustainability of the packaging.

Alfredo Tabacco, General Manager of Elopak SpA, is convinced of this when he states «Our Pure-Pak® Sense product has much in common with the Ipack-Mat space. We are talking about a Gable Top with very interesting characteristics for food & beverage companies looking for commercial solutions able to revitalize the premiumness of their brands, and to add environmental sustainability to the corporate values.
In Italy and in Europe the growing orientation of consumers towards packaging with a reduced environmental impact is by now well established; and the phenomenon is amplified by the choices made by some F&B world leaders in communication, aimed at enhancing the pluspoints of sustainability together with convenience».

Integrated offer for aseptic on show. Bolstered by a knowhow guaranteed by long experience in the field, Elopak is able to solve the needs of those who pack liquid foods or foods with a liquid-like behavior: milk, fruit juices, non carbonated soft drinks, vegetable drinks, tomatoes, wine, soups. «In Europe – adds Tabacco – we also have some examples of categories developed ad hoc, such as the almond milk.. But at Ipack-Mat we present our integrated range of aseptic solutions to the Italian market, such as Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic.
It is a Gable Top (the classic fresh milk package) and a very efficient and flexible filling system, suitable for food companies that produce beverages and food liquids packaged in aseptic, therefore with a long shelf life.
But we certainly won’t fail to “cheer” for Naturally Pure-Pak®, one of our products competing among the finalists in the Packaging Oscar… ».