Protecting in style

Impeccable expertise in the production of special graphic papers has enabled Favini to combine the high quality of its products with unique safety features, offering luxury brands a solution that pairs appeal with anti-counterfeiting demands. Thanks to a special formulation, the new Secure Zap paperboard “reacts” with a sound when recognized by a portable scanner, thus making it possible to distinguish an authentic product from a counterfeit.

This security feature is part of the Secure Suite, a modular interface developed by Favini which also includes:
– watermarks, fibers and reagents used as general security features for protecting products and documents;
– instant verification systems (Secure-Zap, -Dust, -Check) that use markers, lenses, laser pens and sonar devices for authentication;
– Secure-Skin, with micro-embossing bearing logos and other texts only visible through a 15x lens.
An excellent white balance, appealing texture and the guarantee of obtaining optimal printing results, even in combination with various finishing processes (hot foil, varnish, dry relief) make the new material the ideal support for luxury packaging, especially boxes and cases, in addition to cards and labels. It is part of the distributor’s Strand Paper collection.