Cardboard of excellence: Italian pride

For the first time in the history of the Carton Excellence Award (promoted by ECMA- European Carton Makers Association and Pro Carton), an Italian company has won the “Carton of the Year” section.
The company is Lucaprint, which on 22 September at the awards ceremony at the Residenz Building in Salzburg, received the prestigious acknowledgement for a packaging made with BillerudKorsnas carton for Geometrie Cividât gin produced by the Domenis 1898 distillery in Friuli.
The jury, called to evaluate the sector’s European excellences, was struck by Lucaprint’s distinctive features, its customer approach and approach to each single project, that results in the typically Italian talent of interpreting design as a synthesis of functionality and beauty.
The pack, only apparently simple, is appealing to the eye: a diagonal cut moves the symmetry and rigid geometry of the box, arousing interest and curiosity. But the true surprise comes when one opens the pack, which reveals a spherical bottle, perfectly protected and presented, thus giving an impression of a great equilibrium of shapes. The attentive packaging design has in fact enabled the refined and harmonious integration of all the product elements, drawing the consumers’ interest when on the store shelves.

Lucaprint Group has been working in the field of cartographic printing for 64 years. Made up of four companies – Lucaprint, Sa.Ge.Print, Co-Ver and WorkUp – integrated into the business image chain, from project to packaging, to print, to web and multimedia image, the group employs 120 persons, invoicing around 19 million euros and operates on the Italian and European markets. After a growth process along external lines made in recent years, the Vicenza group headquartered in Pianezze is now among the top 10 Italian converters. An in-depth review of its own production model according to the principles of Lean Manufacturing, has allowed it to streamline organizational, business and production processes, significantly increasing overall efficiency. It works for the food & beverage, industrial, detergent, optical, parapharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.