The elegance of packaging

The classic carrier bag, reinterpreted by the skilled hands of the Dutch designer Ilvy Jacobs, takes on refined and elegant forms of a light, humble and ephemeral packaging origami, becoming a chic and original accessory. Ideal for someone who feels like going to the supermarket in high heels.

Ilvy Jacobs holds a diploma in Product Design but her specialty is creating bags inspired by the world of packaging and that adopt the qualities, materials and functions of the same.



In Ilvy’s work the conceptual and research aspects (like in the series of “Cordbags” that hark back to the artist Christo’s work of “wrapping up the world”, and for which she uses bags in Tyvek, a material that can look a lot like paper with which she manages to emphasize the aesthetic appeal of the object)

But also the theme of sustainability is always present (like for example her leisure time activity “Sport crunchbags”, made of a special material, paperboard laminated to cloth, that, like a sophisticated eco-leather, reshapes the silhouette of these highly particular sports bags.

Going back to the elegant origami Foldbag, it costs 25 euros and can be ordered from website specialised in paper products or directly from its creator. Perhaps with her signature as brand.