Nicefiller (

Founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the University of Salerno, Nicefiller® was created in order to develop, manufacture and distribute innovative high-tech polymers to improve shelf life of fresh food.
One such polymer is cronogard®, «which – explains Jose Gonzalez Galicia, the company’s Communication Manager – is a product developed entirely in-house and bearing an international patent. Its target user is the food packaging industry, whose operators are seeking solutions that enable them to improve the quality and shelf life of their products, while keeping well in mind the goal of reducing food waste. This is why we consider Ipack-Mat the right venue for presenting our technology, taking advantage of the communication opportunities and visibility which this fair guarantees».
Nicefiller’s offer caters to converters as well as brand owners, along with anyone interested in developing packaging solutions for food products with a prolonged shelf life.
Additionally, although in these early stages the company is mainly targeting the domestic market, it is also keeping a close eye on possible entry points to the international market. In the spirit of innovation, Nicefiller is presenting its patented cronogard® technology at the fair. Galicia sums up its main features, starting with the fact that it is applied to the packaging and not to the food.
«Thus far – concludes the manager – there are no fillers designed to prolong the shelf life of food products that are able to reduce the formation of biofilm on the packaging surface. The mechanism we’ve developed is closely tied to the properties of cronogard® filler, whose protective, anti-bacterial action inhibits the formation of substances inside the packaging that cause the taste and smell of the product to deteriorate».

Other advantages of using cronogard®
Flexibility of use (requiring no change to conventional supply chain processes) and food safety.
The protective action of the technology is enhanced as the temperature rises (preserving products in the warehouse and acting as a support to logistics, protecting against sudden temperature changes typical of the cold chain).
The solution enables expanding the territorial range of distribution of fresh, perishable foods (berries and fresh vegetables, but also fresh mozzarella).
Compostable and recyclable, cronogard® filler can even be applied to biodegradable packaging.